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Breasts, Fat, Wired & Cytori

Breast augmenation fat graftingI love Wired magazine. It gives me a window onto the high-tech electronics world, that being in a biologically based profession I might otherwise be disconnected with. So it’s rather exciting when they feature a story about something that I actually do know something about. And when it’s a cover story, well, that’s even better! So I was definitely interested in reading their most recent cover story “Natural Breasts.” Of course, for the magazine it’s a great title because it allows for the rationale to make the cover photo a close-up of a woman’s cleavage which is probably good for a little spike in sales to their predominantly male (and perhaps nerdy) readership.

What is Wired referring to when they refer to “natural breasts?” The story talks about the renewed interest in fat grafting as an option for breast augmentation. Fat grafting for breast augmentation means plumping up a woman’s breasts with her own fat that is transferred from another part of her body rather than using silicone or saline breast implants. Just the other day I posted a press release that highlighted a recent study I took part in that showed the VASER liposuction system is ideal for this very purpose. Essentially, the story is the tale of a bio-tech start-up company called Cytori. This company is getting into the tissue engineering business via stem cells harvested from fat and are doing so by starting with breast augmentation.

Why breasts? Theoretically they are simple to build since they consist of only one type of tissue which is fat. Nobody’s talking about actually building mammary glands that secrete milk. It’s all about form and not function. Attempts were made beginning in 1980s to do augmentation with fat. They had mixed results, mostly due to the fat not surviving and just being absorbed by the body. There were many different techniques and many different technologies applied.

This new story begins with a UCLA plastic surgeon Mark Hedrick who wondered if fat had stem cells. In fact it does. Approximate one stem cell per 100 fat cells versus one per 250,000 to 400,000 in bone marrow. Stem cells are the darlings of cell biology. Theoretically they can be used to make any tissue. They also release substances which improve healing and regeneration. Cytori reasoned that if you separated stem cells from the fat, purify them and added them as a concentrated extract to more fat than the combined stem cell plus fat graft would take better. They ran two successful trials in Japan. One on reconstructing partial mastectomy another on breast augmentation. I actually have the opportunity to hear the investigator Dr. Karushima present his work. He successfully implanted approximately 100 mL per breast for an increase of 1.6 cupsizes his Japanese patients.

The rest of the article talks about the potential for these stem cells including heart and other organs. So is this the next big thing? Well it certainly could be for the hard if their studies continue to pan out.

Why isn’t this a done deal? There are many questions with respect to breast augmentation with fat grafting. The following are just a few:

  1. The results are not significantly different than non-stem cell fat grafting to the breast. I’ve done in the past on selected patients with good results. Dr. Coleman in New York and Dr. Khouri in Florida have achieved excellent results without stem cells. To date I don’t know of any study comparing stem cell fat grafting with non-stem cell fat grafting.
  2. Caution needs to be used for the mastectomy reconstructions. In animal studies stem cells can potentiate cancer growth. Now there has already been a lot of work with fat grafting to breast cancer reconstruction. No problems have been reported. However is there a critical mass of stem cells that might cause a cancer recurrence?
  3. What are the comparative costs going to be? Taking time to remove enough that can be a long procedure, adding to anesthesia expenses and increasing patient risk. As long as we’re taking out these cells and manipulating them why not have an ideal scenario where you take out 10 CC a fat in the office under local and grow to 1000 CC in the lab and then inject?
  4. Who will be doing this? Anybody they can buy cytoris stem cell machine? Building a breast is an art as well as a science we’ve already seen the problems when non-core physicians, that is, family practitioners and gynecologists get into the plastic surgery profession.
  5. There is currently a limit on how much fat can be put in. This is related to the skin tightness and pressure which kills fat grafts themselves when too much is put in. Dr. Khouri has solved this problem for now with skin expansion using the Brava bra but this is time-consuming and burdensome. If the cells are augmented with the Cytori stem cell technique can this be avoided?

So are stem cells really the answer to natural breast augmentation? Cytori is certainly betting a lot of money that it is. Hopefully their studies will show that stem cells and fat grafts will create an easy breast augmentation with minimal downtime and no future complications that is superior to current techniques. If not someone else will eventually come up with the answer. Tissue engineering is already here. It’s just not perfected. So stay tuned it’s going to be a wild ride!

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New Study Supports VASER® Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction As Ideal Tool for Fat Transfer

- Press Release-

Research Reveals VASER Lipo® Yields Fat as Viable As Conventional Liposuction

LOUISVILLE, CO – According to a recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, human fat harvested by VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction (Sound Surgical Technologies LLC), is as viable as fat collected by conventional suction assisted liposuction, with nearly 80% volume retention.

The study, led by Dr. J. Peter Rubin, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, is the first research to establish strong support for VASER Lipo as a collection method of choice for fat transfer procedures.

The study investigated tissue samples of a female subject who underwent lipoplasty of the thighs and flanks. Detailed cellular viability analysis was performed on tissues collected, each having undergone VASER Lipo and suction-assisted liposuction on the body area. The researchers found little or no difference at the cellular level between the treatments, concluding that VASER Lipo is just as effective in yielding viable fat cells as suction-assisted liposuction devices. Results at six weeks showed approximately 80% of the filtered fat survived by volume, regardless of the method of extraction. As a point of comparison, other studies have shown less than 5% of the water-jet assisted liposuction fat survived.

“The highly selective nature of ultrasound energy promotes increased fat viability, making it ideal for fat transfer procedures,” said Mark Schafer, Chief Technology Officer at Sound Surgical Technologies. “We believe this important research will pave the way for widespread adoption of VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction as the preferred method for fat transfer.”

The study’s findings support recent physician feedback that the VASER Lipo System is the leading technology for fat harvesting and fat transfer procedures, with unrivaled body sculpting capabilities.

About VASER Lipo

The VASER Lipo System features gentle ultrasonic energy that uses sound waves to selectively target unwanted fat.  The FDA-cleared device uses small probes that emit ultrasound energy to gently break apart fatty tissue for easy removal without destroying the fat cells themselves.  This means physicians can immediately remove, harvest and re-inject the fat to contour and augment other parts of the body, including the face, hands, breasts and buttocks.  The VASER Lipo System, one of the most respected body contouring technologies on the market, is the cosmetic enhancement tool of choice among top physicians who have patients who want both of these procedures in one appointment.

About Sound Surgical Technologies

Founded in 1998, Sound Surgical Technologies is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ultrasonic body shaping technologies, including the VASER Lipo which effectively treats all areas of the body and is clinically proven to enhance skin retraction, reduce blood loss, and maintain the viability of fat cells for fat grafting procedures. Physicians report smooth and consistent results with fast patient recovery. The VASER Shape MC1 and MedSculpt Systemsare an ideal complement to VASER Lipo, combining ultrasound and massage therapies to increase lymphatic and venous circulation, minimize postoperative pain and swelling, and temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite. All of the devices are FDA-cleared for use in the U.S. To learn more, visit www.vaser.com.

Dr. Andrew Kaczynski took part in this study and is proud to offer VASER Lipo at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery in Sacramento.

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Vaser Hi Def Liposuction, Top 10 Questions

Vaser Hi Def Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that I am proud to offer exclusively in Northern California. I am one of only two doctors trained in this unique body sculpting technique in all of California and I offer this unique hybrid of Vaser liposuction at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery in Sacramento, CA.  There are many questions to be answered.  We will deal with the top 10 questions I get asked.

1. Vaser Hi Def – what is it? It is a completely new plastic surgery procedure.  Using Vaser technology in three dimensions: the chest, the back, the abdomen, arms and legs can be sculpted for the first time.  Despite claims that liposuction proponents have made, this is the first true liposculpture.  With liposuction in the past, the end result was the elimination of lumps and bulges, leaving a flat area where there used to be fat.  Now, with Vaser Hi Def, the true contour of your body can be brought out.  The Vaser probe selectively melts only fat unlike some other energy systems.  By differentially melting the fat in several different layers true sculpting can be achieved.
2. How much does Vaser Hi Def cost? Depending on the areas worked on this plastic surgery procedure costs from $7,000-$20,000.  It is roughly double the cost of regular liposuction.
3. Why is it so expensive?  Vaser Hi Def is expensive because of the very expensive equipment used, the extensive training and experience required to do it properly, and the time involved in the procedure itself, which is roughly twice as long as regular liposuction.  When you see the results it is actually very cost-effective.
4. Who is a candidate for Vaser Hi Def? The best candidates are men and women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) below 30.  This is not procedure for obese people or for people with very loose skin.  You are a candidate if you had six pack abs in the past and would like them back.  You are a candidate if you have spent hours at the gym for years and are making any progress in getting rid of abdominal fat.  You are a candidate if genetics, age and a lack of time are conspiring against you.  You are a candidate if you don’t want to take dangerous fat melting drugs or hormones that risk your health.  You are a candidate if you don’t want to spend all your free time exercising.
5. Will the effects last? The effects of Vaser Hi Def liposuction should last indefinitely assuming you maintain a reasonable weight.
6. What if I gain weight? If you gain weight, the effects should last through a 10 to 15 pound weight gain.  If you gain 30 or 40 pounds or more the effects will not stay and may even cause unsightly bulges.  It’s further motivation to stay in shape.
7. Will it hurt? Vaser Hi Def has some discomfort like any surgical procedure.  You will be given pain pills which will make your comfortable.  After a day or two most people are not taking pain medication.
8. How much time off work? Most people only need to be off work for seven to ten days.  After two to four weeks you can return to mild exercise.  After four weeks you can return to regular exercise.
9. Will any other treatment accomplished the same results? No.  Other treatments such as standard liposuction, Smart Lipo, Thermage, or abdominal etching will not achieve the same result as the three-dimensional process of Vaser Hi Def.
10. Where do I start? You start by making a consultation an appointment with me and have an evaluation and if you’re a candidate we can schedule your surgery.

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Beautiful Backs

Vaser Hi Def Liposuction and what it means for beautiful backs.

For many years in plastic surgery we were forced to ignored the back.  All the attention was on the front side: breast surgery in the text and a lot of liposuction was centered on the front – the mirror body that we see – the beach body.  But, what about the back?

Of course, there was liposuction on the hip area, also called the love handles.  This was done either with a tiny tech or other liposuction.  But what about the back and waste line? Was it ignored?  Actually, it wasn’t ignored.  It was difficult and inconsistent to get good results.  The back has different anatomy.  The skin is the thickest skin in the body.  The fat is fibrous and has lots of blood vessels, making surgery there much more likely to bleed.  In the past attempts to narrow the waste through the back and get rid of the bra line fat were difficult bloody and inconsistent.

The VASER changed that and VASER Hi Def liposculpture, which we offer exclusively at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery of Sacramento, makes the back one of the best areas to do liposuction.  In the past I often had athletic patients in their forties, fifties and sixties who complained of a little excess in the back.  I considered that this was not fixable with the current technology and I didn’t do it.

Now with VASER Hi Def we can clean out the love handles narrow the waist, remove the bra bunching as well as extra fat in the lower armpit. We can recover a beautiful back curve either with or without a Brazilian butt lift.  The back curve is often lost with middle age and VASER Hi Def is the best way to get it back.

By doing all these things and being mindful of the artistic anatomy, we can bring back into the realm of procedures, so that it is possible to provide a circumferential rejuvenation of the torso.

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Vaser Laser Liposuction

vaser laser liposuctionLiposuction has been with us for almost 30 years. The procedures continue to get better. Newer technologies continue to make the procedure safer faster easier and less traumatic. The third generation of ultrasonic liposuction, Vaser uses a vibrating wand to gently melt the fat cells and allow for easier removal. By doing this, the Vaser procedures can remove more fat and take out more at different levels. Thus the surgeon can really sculpt the tissues and reveal muscle anatomy. In men this means removing love handles, potbellies and chest fat, and then defining abdominal and chest muscles. For women this means removing back, hip and abdominal fat, then defining the waist abdomen and buttock. When the Vaser is combined with cold laser either before or after the surgery the results are even better. The low-level light laser decreases discomfort and swelling and accelerates healing. With this combination of techniques, we can get amazing results previously impossible with any liposuction techniques that were used in the last 25 years.

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