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Non-surgical Facelift: An Entry-Level Procedure

non-surgical facelift

An Alternative Non-surgical Facelift Treatment

What is a non-surgical facelift? It almost sounds like a contradiction in terms, but this is a term which applies to injectable procedures which improve your facial appearance. The components of this technique are liquid such as Botox and/or semi liquid like Juvederm. This is an entry-level procedure for improving facial appearance with minimal downtime and with no incisions.

Who is a candidate for a non-surgical facelift? Botox can be useful in people as young as their 20s. It works to freeze the muscles for about four months at a time. It is useful in the frown lines between the eyebrows, the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. Rarely can be used in the area around the mouth but very carefully since it can interfere with motion of these very active muscles. Botox is used as a treatment and a preventative for wrinkling primarily in the upper face.

Where Botox is a quotation mark freezer quotation mark, Juvederm is a filler. It is used to fill certain wrinkle areas of the face especially the nasolabial folds (smile lines) on either side of the mouth, the corners of the mouth and lipstick lines. It can sometimes be used to quotation mark pump up the volume quotation mark in areas of the cheek or chin. Facial fillers are usually started in the 30s and can be continued indefinitely. This procedure usually lasts anywhere from six months to a year.

Botox and fillers can maintain the facial appearances with repeated treatment for many years. But at some point gravity and aging will catch up. The process of fat loss, deflation and skin damage create too much sagging for a non-surgical facelift to improve. Injecting very large amounts of filler to balloon up the face is not a solution to sagging skin. It just makes people look like they have big round heads. At some point more advanced procedures like endoscopic brow lift, minimal incision cheek lift and facial fat grafting are the next step. At Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery Dr. K tailors the treatment for the individual; treating each component of the individual’s face with the appropriate treatment plan for that stage of aging.

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Facial Rejuvenation

facial rejuvenation

Turning Back the Clock with Facial Rejuvenation

Nobody looks forward to getting old.  As most people age, they attempt to make themselves appear younger by the use of lotions, creams, makeups, and clothes.  In most cases, the face is the first part of the body to clearly show signs of aging.  Wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration can all occur over time due to exposure to the elements.  This exposure causes the tissues underneath to slowly wear away, creating a face that lacks volume.  In order to correct these imperfections, facial rejuvenation is available.  There are two different types of rejuvenation, one being surgical and the other non-surgical.

The surgical options of facial rejuvenation include cosmetic procedures that are minimally invasive such as brow lifts, neck lifts, and eye lifts.  Each of these requires small incisions in order to perform the operation.  The nonsurgical options include Botox, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing.  Though both surgical and nonsurgical options are effective, the effects of nonsurgical treatments are much less permanent than surgical treatments.  For those that undergo a chin, neck, forehead, or brow lift, results can last up to ten years.  With nonsurgical rejuvenation, multiple treatments are sometimes required in order to maintain the initial effectiveness.  All of the methods of rejuvenation help with reducing the signs of aging that are common in the face.

In order to look younger, wrinkles must be reduced in depth and severity, skin must be tightened, and any discoloration must be made less obvious.  The aspect that is often overlooked is the volume of the facial tissue.  Young faces are plump and full, while still retaining elasticity and not wrinkling.  Older faces are generally thinned out due to a decrease in fat reserves around the eyes and cheeks.  With both surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, volume should be the focus, as an increase in volume will eliminate wrinkles and sagging by tightening the skin.

At Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, Dr. K has performed countless rejuvenation operations with both surgical and nonsurgical techniques.  For those that are seeking a younger look, Dr. K can assist in deciding what type of procedure should be performed to create the desired results for the patient.  It is important to consider the long term benefits of a surgical procedure in comparison to that of a nonsurgical procedure.

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Fat Transfer: What It Can Do For You

fat transfer

Fighting Wrinkles and Restoring Youth With Fat Transfer Injections

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, most individuals become a bit skeptical in the face of a foreign material being put into their body.  Although it is rare, these implants can cause allergic reactions in few patients.  If this is in fact a fear for those considering a cosmetic operation, perhaps a fat transfer would interest them.  This process can often offer the same results as an implant or facial filler, but it is done using tissue from the patient’s own body.  The fat is taken from an area with excess in order to fill in an area that has become thin over time.

Signs of aging in the face are as clear as day.  Facial fat collapses with age especially in the cheeks and forehead. A fat transfer is a relatively safe and simple procedure, requiring only a couple of syringes and a small amount of liposuction.  The liposuction removes fat from certain areas, such as the thighs or stomach.  The syringes are then filled with the extracted fat and injected into an area that has been sunken in or lacks volume.  The use of the patient’s own tissue prevents the possibility of any allergic reaction, as it is completely natural looking and feeling.

A transfer is for anybody who wants to look younger again.  Wrinkles are not the only sign of aging that people notice.  The volume of facial tissue is a telltale sign of becoming older.  With a transfer of fat from their own body, patients can regain the youthful volume that they desire.  The injections can be useful in areas such as the forehead to reduce lines from the brow, or under the eyes where the pads of fat have diminished leaving the face with a skeletal, hollow look.  They can also be done in hands to reduce the appearance of aging.

The results of a fat transfer can last for many years, and the recovery time from the operation is short, usually only a few days.  If there is any pain after the operation, it can be treated with over the counter oral pain medication.  These transfers can be used to correct many facial imperfections; not only wrinkles, but scars as well.  The road to feeling younger starts with appearance, and at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery with 25 years of experience with fat graphs, Dr. K is prepared to send patients off in the right direction, looking and feeling young, radiant, and beautiful.

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Dermal Fillers

dermal fillers

 Look Younger Fast With Dermal Fillers

Few individuals enjoy watching themselves grow older.  After taking a look in the mirror, they may realize it is time for a change.  For those seeking a younger look with fewer wrinkles or folds in the skin, dermal fillers could be the solution.  Some may believe that a filler injection is simply a quick fix, but the truth is that with a proper injection schedule and self-maintenance, the results of these injections can last for years.  With fillers such as Juvederm, the results are natural looking and the injection itself is composed of hyaluronic acid, a type of sugar that occurs naturally in the body.

These fillers are approved for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles or skin folds such as nasolabial folds.  Nasolabial folds are more commonly known as smile lines, the deep wrinkles that form around the mouth stretching towards the nose.   These smile lines are usually the first to be noticed during aging, and are usually the first sign when considering dermal fillers.  There is little risk to these injections other than the common side effects including: bruising, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, and itching or rashes.  These side effects are mild and should not cause discomfort for more than a few days.

Botox has always been the first thing that comes to mind when people hear of an injection that eliminates or prevents wrinkles.  Botox works by relaxing muscles in the face, but does not aid in naturally increasing volume.  Through dermal fillers like Juvederm that include hyaluronic acid, the injection combines with water to form a gel like substance that swells in order to provide a smoothing and filling effect.  Hyaluronic acid gradually decreases throughout the body as people age, leaving less cushion and lubricant for joints, eyes, and skin.  Though these natural fillers are not permanent, they are also not damaging to the body.  Those fillers that are permanent are quite rare in cosmetic offices, as the risk for adverse effects is greater.

When struggling with age, most people want to look and feel younger.  A wrinkle eliminating dermal injection can be the first step to that younger look.  These injections are quick, relatively painless, and produce effects that can last between six months up to couple years.  With little to no risk and a nearly immediate result, there are few alternatives to filler injections that make as much sense in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

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Puffy Eyelids

puffy eyelids

Eliminate Puffy Eyelids with Blepharoplasty

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  What if these windows were slowly shutting, leaving only a sliver left to peer through?  This is often the case with the skin around the eyes in aging bodies.  Those swollen, puffy eyelids are dead giveaways of long nights and stressful days.  The skin of the eyelids is quite unique, as it is the thinnest skin on the body, as well as some of the most elastic.  Over time; however, this elasticity fades, and the once taut folds of skin become loose and saggy.  In certain cases, the puffy or drooping eyelids can even cause acute vision loss, or ineffective peripheral vision.

In most cases, puffy eyelids are not cause for poor vision, rather for a feeling of disappointment when looking in the mirror each morning.  Those who see that they have lost the shape and definition around their eyes know how big of a difference it can make.  Round, radiant eyes can always grab the attention of a room, while bulging, sagging eyelids are easily looked past.

The area around the eyes is some of the most sensitive skin.  Underneath this skin are pads of fat that help absorb impacts so that the eyes remain properly in place and undamaged.  Over time, the fat pads around the eyes can become enlarged.  This swelling causes the look of puffy eyelids and is found to be quite unattractive to most individuals.  For certain individuals, the bulging or sagging can become so drastic that loss of peripheral vision can occur, though this usually occurs as the skin is exposed to elements over time.   There are certain cases of patients in need of a blepharoplasty as young as their mid-twenties due to allergies, sinus, thyroid, or kidney problems.

A blepharoplasty operation is generally quick and painless.  Patients can return to normal functions about one week after surgery, once all the sutures have dissolved or been removed.  For those that wake up in the morning and feel dissatisfied with the appearance or size of their eyes, it may be time to give Dr. K a call to set up a consultation and be on your way to a more youthful look and feel.  At Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, restoring the size and shape of patients’ eyes is only half of what matters, most important is seeing that gleam of happiness that comes from the eyes of a satisfied patient.

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Face Lift Procedures

face lift procedures

ACPS’ Techniques for Face Lift Procedures

Face lift procedures continues to be one third of the practice at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery. The volume of patients is steadily increasing due to the excellent results and a minimal downtime.  ACPS has been doing face lift procedures for more than 25 years. Over that period of time the evolution of the facelift has gone to shorter scars, less invasive undermining and more use of lasers with less swelling downtime and risk.

2014 marked the third year of the laser facelift which is only available at ACPS in Sacramento. Not everyone is a candidate. For those who are it means very short incisions, minimal downtime and fast recovery.

Hallmarks of the APS technique which allow for continued excellence to differentiate us from others doing facial surgery include:

  1. Continued emphasis on the natural look. Our goal is to put you in your personal quotes “Time Machine” to look the way you did 10 to 15 years ago. Not like someone else or some over pulled movie star.
  2. Continued use of minimal incisions in most patients. In the past incisions went high into the temples and way behind the ears. Minimal incisions from the sideburn to behind the ear lobe decrease the total amount of scarring. There are no hairline changes.
  3. The muscle tightening with “zipper” sutures avoid lifting the deep layer. This helps to avoid the possibility of nerve complications as well as weeks of additional recovery due to swelling.
  4. Laser tightening with or without liposuction using smart Lipo on the neck and jowls. This avoids major dissection of the neck which in the past has been the largest cause of complications in facial surgery. With Smart Lipo the skin shrinks getting much better results than we have seen in the past.
  5. Continued use of fat grafting. With 25 years’ experience in fat grafting the results are consistent with most patients showing 75 to 80% of the fat graft continuing indefinitely. Facial rejuvenation is not just pulling the skin because it has been deflated. Facial sagging is treated by lifting and filling.
  6. Laser facelift is still combined with minimal incision brow lift using the endoscope in small incisions behind the hairline; the brow is lifted by separating it from the deeper layers and reattaching it without skin or hair removal. This combination of minimal surgery procedures using laser and endoscopy is the best results for total facial rejuvenation. At Dr K’s Concepts in Plastic Surgery we take less time for you to be back at work and feeling better! So just call us and find out why we are the best place for you to beautify yourself with Dr K’s great hands…

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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery image

Pucker Up with Lip Augmentation

The shape and volume of the lips is an attribute that many do not take heed to until it is too late. The effects of aging or other natural causes can create wrinkles, contours, and drooping. These effects are most obvious in aging women, but even those as young as their early twenties have been documented wishing for fuller or more voluminous lips. Lip augmentation is for those who wish to achieve a more youthful look through a minimally invasive surgical procedure or injection. There are many options when it comes to how patients want to achieve their desired look. With a variety of injections choices, patients are able to decide what they want going into their body, and which will have the best looking results.

Once a patient decides that lip augmentation is in fact for them there are certain factors that must be examined such as existing health problems like cold sores, diabetes, or blood-clotting problems. For those with a history of any of these previously mentioned conditions, it is probably best to avoid any type of cosmetic operation. If patients are deemed healthy, the next step in the augmentation process is to decide whether an injection will lead to the sought after results, or if an implant is necessary.

After the type of augmentation, injection or implant, is decided to be right for the patient the process can begin. Using local anesthesia, the lips and mouth area are temporarily numbed, and an injection is made. The effectiveness of the injections varies throughout patients; sometimes multiple injections are necessary along different points of the lips in order to shape the lips properly. Procedures using injections are generally priced per syringe, therefore if more than one is necessary, patients can expect an increase in the price of their operation. Once the lips are filled and shaped, the patient can be released from surgery, and the steps to recovery can be initiated.

The recovery process starts with a bag of ice directly on the mouth area to reduce swelling and relieve any pain present immediately after the procedure. With Dr. K, lip augmentation can be hassle free, and the voluminous lips that are so often swooned over can be obtained. Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. K to start on the path to your dream lips today!

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Face Lift: Youthful Beauty and Radiance

Face Lift Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery Image

The Modern Face Lift

As kids, we all wished we could be grown up.  As adults, we all wish we could be kids again.  Aging is a natural occurrence that is not preventable.  Just as any item exposed to the elements, our bodies deteriorate and change every day in order to adapt to our lifestyle.  Some age gracefully and lose little of their youthful radiance, while others quickly become the wrinkled elders they dreaded from the beginning.  A youthful face is not only wrinkle free, but it is full of volume and shape, not stretched tightly from ear to ear.  Through a face lift, you can return that glow and volume to your skin.

Less invasive than ever, the modern face lift uses only one incision to not only tighten the skin of the face, but also employs relocated fat cells and tightens muscle groups to allow your face to gain the desired volume and lift.  A small amount of fat cells harvested from the stomach area of a patient is used to revive that gentle softness of the cheeks and chin.  The addition of fat cells in unison with the tightening of the skin over the face not only reduces wrinkles and brings back the glow and softness of youthful skin; it also creates youthful smiles and prevents from obvious side effects that are dead giveaways of facelifts.   The results of these operations generally last effectively for ten years until a slight touch-up is required.

Cosmetic facial surgery now focuses on restoring youth rather than creating drastic changes.  It has become not only about looking ageless, but feeling it as well both physically and mentally.  Looking young can make a person feel young, and with youth comes confidence and curiosity.  A facial lift could be the key to opening new doors in social, personal, and professional relationships based on appearance as well as attitude.  Not to say that age does not bring a certain type of beauty naturally, but if you are unhappy with the way your skin sags or sits why not do something about it.  With the costs and risks of face lifts declining, there are fewer reasons to avoid the chance to bring youth back to your face.

With over one hundred years of advancement, facial lifts have been popular for decades.  The demand for cosmetic surgery is higher than ever, and with an increasing number of surgeons to choose from, Dr. K offers comprehensive options to help patients come out of the operation looking exactly how they pictured.  If a full facelift seems off putting, there are also non-surgical options that offer similar, although less extensive results.

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Liposuction for Transgender Feminization

Liposuction is a powerful tool in the art of body sculpting. Especially Smartlipo TriPlex and Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction. Nowhere is this more evident than when I’m faced with the challenge of shaping common features of one gender into another!

Transgender cosmetic surgeries are becoming more popular as more and more transgender people are seeking plastic surgery that can help them look more “passable.” (“Passable” is a term used among the transgender community and admirers to describe a person who is seen and treated as their desired gender identity.) The more common patients that I see are the male to female gender change. I do not deal with the actual reproductive organ changes as that is a very specialized surgery which is only done in a few centers across the country. However feminization is a subject with which I am well acquainted. There are various ways of feminizing the male face and body. In the face these include brow lifting, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, liposuction and occasionally facelift surgeries. With these surgeries, the idea is to change an angular male face to a softer, more rounded feminin face.

In the body, the same concepts apply. Men generally tend to have more angular obviously more muscular bodies. As they get older and heavier they carry their fat in different areas. Typical male fat distribution is in the abdomen hips and chest. This creates a large waist. This is the exact opposite of what is desired in the female physique. An hourglass figure is the desired shape with a small waist and curvy hips and buttocks. This can be achieved with aggressive liposuction of the back flanks and abdomen and if necessary performing a Brazilian Butt Lift to create fullness and curves in the hip and buttocks area. This is typically a four hour procedure that can be done under sedation and as an outpatient. The downtime is about five days before going back to work. However if the Brazilian Butt Lift is performed it does mean that there is limited sitting for at least the first month. The patient can lie down on her side or stomach but not on the back. Sitting when that is done is on the sit bones and not fully on the area where the fragile new fat has been transferred.

An example shown below is a male to female transsexual who had a rather square abdomen and hips. She had had previous buttock injections and gluteal implants which were removed. (I never recommend gluteal implants due to a large percentage of complications). The only surgery performed was a very aggressive liposuction using SmartLipo TriPlex. The results speak for themselves.

transexual liposuction feminizationliposuction transexual feminization

Transgender surgeries are becoming a more more popular form of cosmetic plastic surgery with more patients seeking improvements. It is becoming much more sophisticated now. In the past adjustment breast implants and genital reassignment surgery. Now different aspects of the face and body can be treated to have a much more subtle and natural looking results. It is becoming easier with time and science to become passable and there are transgender resources all over the internet that can help with all the finer details required to make that transition smooth.

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Plastic Surgery Recovery Time – When Will I Heal By?

plastic surgery recovery time

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

In plastic surgery, often one of the biggest questions patients will ask me is,”What is the plastic surgery recovery time for this procedure?” Of course, this depends on the surgery and partially on an individual basis although for the most part, it is pretty predictable.

I recently found a little straight-forward article by a husband and wife plastic surgery team out in Columbus Ohio who summed it all up very nicely. Drs. Christine and Michael Sullivan of The Sullivan Centre are certified plastic surgeons and this is what they wrote about plastic surgery recovery time:

Breast Augmentation or Liposuction (Including SmartLipo TriPlex)
To be ready by New Year’s, have surgery by December 1.To be ready by Valentine’s Day, have surgery by January 14.To be ready for Graduation, have surgery by April 20.To be ready by Independence Day, have surgery by June 4.To be ready by Labor Day, have surgery by August 1.To be ready by Thanksgiving, have surgery by October 22.To be ready by Christmas, have surgery by November 25.
Facelift or Rhinoplasty
To be ready by New Year’s, have surgery by September 1.To be ready by Valentine’s Day, have surgery by October 14.To be ready for Graduation, have surgery by January 20.To be ready by Independence Day, have surgery by March 4.To be ready by Labor Day, have surgery by May 1.To be ready by Thanksgiving, have surgery by July 22.To be ready by Christmas, have surgery by August 25.
Tummy Tuck or Breast Lift
To be ready by New Year’s, have surgery by November 15.To be ready by Valentine’s Day, have surgery by December 31.To be ready for Graduation, have surgery by March 5.To be ready by Independence Day, have surgery by May 15.To be ready by Labor Day, have surgery by July 15.To be ready by Thanksgiving, have surgery by October 7.To be ready by Christmas, have surgery by November 10.
I found this to be very accurate and helpful! Good job, Drs. Sullivan!

About The Sullivan Centre: The Sullivan Centre, co-founded by Drs. Christine and Michael Sullivan, is the first free-standing ambulatory surgical center dedicated to cosmetic surgery in central Ohio. It is located at 97706 Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio 43235. Reach them at or by phone at 614-436-8888.
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